My ten year old son was accurately assessed within a surprisingly short time. Testing took only 6 hours. This came as a welcome surprise. The traditional psychological assessment of my child had taken many months to reach the same conclusions. I admit that the traditional system included emotional aspects which Arrowsmith did not. However, Arrowsmith, offered a way forward. It suggested practical exercises to boost cognitive development in my child. It offered concrete intervention and hope.

Yuri's Mother

July 2020

When Nicolas started the Arrowsmith program, he didn't have any official diagnosed learning differences, but every time we would explain things to him, he just didn't get it. Even simplifying words and ideas, speaking slowly, or other methods, he often would just repeat the question. Within 3 months of the program, we noticed that we were able to have normal conversations with him. Out of the blue, we realized that he was asking pointed questions, and he suddenly seemed like a normal boy. Likewise with reading, where once no matter how many times he would learn how to say a word, after a year following the Arrowsmith program, he is learning at a normal pace. Within maximum 2 repetitions, he learns new words, and then REMEMBERS them the next time he sees them. Normal stuff, but before Arrowsmith, not for our Nicolas. 


Nicolas' Mother

June 2020


Max (14 years old)

May 2020

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